Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration

News: Recent Research

Can roadside habitat lead monarchs on a route to recovery?

With monarch populations declining in large part due to habitat loss, monarch habitat is needed across all landscapes. In addition to restored prairies, pollinator gardens, and urban park habitat, roadsides provide potential for habitat restoration.  Read More »

Prairie Restorations & Monarch Butterflies

The need for monarch habitat restoration is great. But it's important to ensure habitat restoration is based on good understanding of how seeds in the ground translate to plants on the landscape. Find out how the UMN Monarch Lab is doing this research.  Read More »

New Publication Reveals Birthplaces of Eastern Monarchs

A recently published study (Flockhart et al. 2017) builds on previous work describing the natal origin of eastern overwintering monarchs, and has new implications for monarch conservation.  Read More »

New Report Documents 74% Decline in Western Overwintering Monarchs

A new report by the Xerces Society found a sharp decline in western overwintering monarchs over time, on par with the dramatic population loss of the eastern population that overwinters in Mexico.  Read More »

New Research Indicates Eastern Monarch Population at Risk of Extinction

A new study by reveals there is a substantial probability of “quasi-extinction” of the Eastern monarch butterfly migratory population within 20 years if ambitious habitat restoration and conservation goals are not achieved.  Read More »