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Farmers for Monarchs

Friedrich Pluck Flower Farm Sept4 2020 61

As we work to mobilize monarch conservation efforts of an “All Hands on Deck” approach, we recognize that farmers, ranchers and agricultural landowners play an integral role in monarch conservation in the United States. They stand as some of the most influential levers on our landscape and act as strong conservation advocates.

Through a partnership between MJV and the Monarch Collaborative, the Farmers for Monarchs website serves as a resource hub for farmers and agricultural partners across the US. The Farmers for Monarchs website aims to be yet another tool in a farmers toolbox as they work toward economic prosperity and environmental sustainability, all in the name of pollinator conservation. With national and state-based programs, we are working to expand this network of ag-related resources.

Follow Farmers for Monarchs on Facebook and Twitter, and visit to explore what resources are available in your area!

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