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Signs and Displays

Denise gibbs monarch interpretive signage

Educational signage can improve natural habitats by interpreting its purpose and benefits to anyone who passes. Whether it's a habitat in your yard, a community garden, or a roadside or utility right-of-way, posting signs helps draw attention to the value of that habitat for monarchs and other pollinators or any other suite of species that may use that habitat.

We’ve compiled some existing signs from MJV partners that might be useful for your site. You may download and print most of these for posting on your site, but only the signage in the Customizable Signs section may be edited. Signage in the Certified Habitat Programs is associated with a specific program, so enrolling your habitat in that program first may be required to purchase a sign. We recommend certifying your habitat in any of our partners' programs, which are described in more detail here.

We have a series of 5 beautiful habitat signs you can purchase from our store--check them out HERE!

Have a sign to share? Contact us!