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Since 2009, the Monarch Joint Venture has helped steer monarch conservation planning and implementation efforts on a broad scale by bringing together partners from across the United States, Mexico, and Canada in a unified effort to conserve the monarch migration. The MJV expertise has informed publications, films, and other media internationally.

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MJV in the Media

The MJV has been highlighted in the following media pieces:

The Positive Impact of Planting Pollinator Gardens

May 23, 2023

Inspired by the writings of Douglas W. Tallamy, notably Bringing Nature Home and Nature’s Best Hope, Woodbury resident Dana Boyle set to work reverting the landscape around her home back to its native state. Read More

Monarch Butterflies Need Our Help

May 23, 2023

The “king of butterflies" is rapidly disappearing. In just the last 20 years, the monarch butterfly population has declined by 85 percent in this country. The numbers are even worse in the West, which has seen a 99 percent drop. This is frightening, and not only because this pollinator is so beautiful. Monarchs are an excellent indicator of population decline in other pollinator species. Read More

Community scientists invited to monitor monarchs in 10-day blitz

Aug 03, 2022


  • KARE 11

MJV Board members featured gathering monarch, milkweed data in 10-day Monarch Blitz Read More

How to save the endangered monarch butterfly

Aug 03, 2022


  • NPR On Point

MJV Executive Director Wendy Caldwell joins On Point podcast to discuss conservation efforts to save the monarch butterfly. Read More

San Antonio experts demystify monarch butterfly 'endangered' listing

Jul 28, 2022


  • My San Antonio

As a result of the IUCN monarch announcement, concern grew for the insect, especially in San Antonio, which holds special importance in the pathway for the beloved butterfly. Read More