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Since 2009, the Monarch Joint Venture has helped steer monarch conservation planning and implementation efforts on a broad scale by bringing together partners from across the United States, Mexico, and Canada in a unified effort to conserve the monarch migration. The MJV expertise has informed publications, films, and other media internationally.

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MJV in the Media

The MJV has been highlighted in the following media pieces:

Minnesota group uses artificial intelligence to aid monarch butterflies

Nov 20, 2023


  • Minnesota Public Radio

St. Paul-based Monarch Joint Venture has a faster, more accurate method for measuring the reach and quality of pollinator habitat on the landscape. An artificial intelligence program called POLLi can count milkweed plants in images collected by drones. Read More

"Monarch - Eastern Butterflies Need Help" and "Nature's Beauty Takes Wing"

Oct 12, 2023

Agri-View magazine highlights monarch conservation on agricultural lands. Read More

Conservation Organizations Wild About Texas Wildlife

Sep 08, 2023


  • Texan By Nature

Texan by Nature highlights 9 conservation organizations. Read More

KAXE Morning Show: Monarch butterflies and the decline of native pollinators

Jul 17, 2023

Wendy Caldwell, executive director of the Monarch Joint Venture partnership, joined Heidi Holtan and John Latimer for the July installment of Mark Jacobs’ "Decline of Native Pollinators" series. Read More

On the Wing Podcast: EP. 219: A Pollinator Week Celebration of Monarch Butterflies

Jun 21, 2023


  • Partner Media

Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by PF & QF’s Habitat Education Program Manager Anna Swerczek and Monarch Joint Venture’s Executive Director Wendy Caldwell for a special Pollinator Week episode. The group’s conversation centers upon the habitat intersection between pheasants, quail, and pollinating insects with special attention focused on the monarch butterfly. Episode Highlights: • Swerzcek compares pollinator habitat plantings to food plots for pheasant and quail chicks who feast on the insects these pollinator plants nurture. • Caldwell explains the fascinating migration and life cycle of monarch butterflies. She also heralds the benefits of PF & QF’s habitat mission for pheasants and quail, and highlights that habitat work’s benefits to monarchs and a wide array of pollinating species. • Swerzcek also breaks down this year’s special Pollinator Week offer which includes a PF or QF membership, a Pollinator Week sticker, and six pollinator plant plugs that are geographically appropriate based upon the purchaser’s location. Learn more at or Week. Read More