Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration

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News about the MJV partnership.

MJV Welcomes the Kansas City Native Plant Initiative!

With their strong belief in collaboration and supporting organizations with similar missions, it is no surprise that the Kansas City Native Plant Initiative is the newest partner of MJV!  Read More »

Bringing Back the Monarch to Malibu

In the spring of 2014, a group of Malibu residents became consciously aware of the plight of the monarch butterfly. A group of locals came together in an attempt to restore the overwintering monarchs in Malibu; they created the Malibu Monarch Project.  Read More »

You’re Invited!

The Monarch Joint Venture's Celebrating Monarchs! Monarch Joint Venture Reception and Silent Auction will take place on Nov. 7th 2017 at the San Antonio Zoo in San Antonio, Texas. Come support the MJV and help monarchs take flight!  Read More »

The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources Partners for Monarchs

Monarch conservation requires all-hands-on-deck with involvement on all levels from individuals to large corporations and governmental agencies. The members of MJV’s newest partner, Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, parallel that approach.  Read More »

Thank you readers! Thoughts and reflections on MJV News Update survey responses

To learn more about where we should be focusing these updates, earlier this year we sent out a questionnaire to get your feedback. Our team reviewed the nearly 100 survey responses and shares here our reflections on the results.  Read More »