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The MJV Partnership reaches North Dakota with Newest Partner, United Prairie Foundation, Inc.!

Apr 18, 2018


  • MJV Partnership News

The United Prairie Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization with a mission to restore prairie grasslands by creating wildlife “grocery superstores” for breeding waterfowl and pollinators alike.  Their programs focus on undermanaged grasslands and work to replace non-native invasive species with local eco-type prairie plants, including milkweed.

“Healthy prairie is what we're striving for to provide more habitat for monarchs and other wildlife, so we're excited to be working with United Prairie Foundation to do what they do best - prairie restoration!” says Wendy Caldwell, MJV Coordinator.

In the past 14 years, the Foundation has restored thousands of acres of public and private prairie in North and South Dakota and Minnesota, and developed partnerships with federal and regional organizations and local farmers. The Foundation planted its first prairie reconstruction seed plot in 2013 and in 2018 is still expanding prairie plantings. They believe that converting land from turf-grass monocultures to diverse prairie mixes will benefit not only monarchs, but ecosystems across the country.

For more information or to get in contact with the United Prairie Foundation, visit their website.


The Monarch Joint Venture is a national partnership of federal and state agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses and academic programs working together to conserve the monarch butterfly migration. The content in this article does not necessarily reflect the positions of all Monarch Joint Venture partners. Header photo provided by The United Prairie Foundation, Inc.