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Thank You for Making It Possible: How Your Support Has Driven MJV's Accomplishments in 2023

Dec 11, 2023


  • Conservation Stories

Your support has been pivotal for our mission to conserve monarchs. As we reflect on 2023, it's clear that your generosity has been a driving force behind our progress. Your contributions have fueled our efforts to expand habitat restoration, educate communities, advance research, and collaborate for greater impact.

As the year comes to a close, we want to share key highlights and heartfelt messages from fellow supporters of monarch conservation and the MJV, individuals and organizations who, like you, have made a difference.

“I support MJV because they do such incredible, comprehensive work to preserve the species and habitats that support so much more. And I hope I'm continuing my Dad's legacy of being one of the early MLMP monitors.” - Janice Sharp, MJV Treasurer

Four Stages Tea and Herbals supports monarch conservation because not only is it a beautiful creature that performs a unique phenomenon of nature that should be protected, but it is also a vital pollinator that has cultural significance around the world.” - Jenna Kramer, Owner of Four Stages Tea

Your contributions have significantly expanded our ability to restore monarch and pollinator habitat throughout North America. By funding the planting of native milkweed and nectar-rich flowers, you've directly supported their survival. Your generosity safeguards their habitats, ensuring a sustainable future for these iconic butterflies and their remarkable migration.

“MJV has been instrumental in furthering our ability to promote and create pollinator habitat on private lands. We share the word everywhere we go.” – W. Moyer, North American Land Trust

"Working with MJV & putting in a pollinator habitat has been a dream come true for myself, and an INCREDIBLE hands-on project for my kids to experience as well. For years, we have been learning about how precious these pollinators are, and I desperately wanted to make a difference! Our family also homeschools, and I couldn’t think of a better way to have a positive impact and create a new generation of environmentally conscious/friendly kids. Together, we decided to make a difference! With the help and guidance of MJV, we are honored to do our part. Our habitat brings smiles to our faces every day!" - Natasha Webster

Your support has been pivotal in empowering communities for monarch conservation. Through educational programs and outreach, we've engaged and inspired diverse individuals to become dedicated stewards of the monarch butterfly. Your contributions helped create educational materials, organize events, and provide resources, fostering a vital understanding of monarch conservation's importance.

“I would thoroughly recommend the North American Monarch Institute (NAMI) to any educator interested in developing their understanding of the role of monarchs and milkweed in the environment, but also how to use community science and data collection in the classroom, engaging students with a variety of learning styles, as well as providing students the opportunity to appreciate their environment in meaningful ways. The entire NAMI team was thoughtful and knowledgeable and made for an engaging and educational experience.” – Anonymous Teacher

“This was by far one of the BEST conferences I have ever attended. I learned so much, and I honestly thought I knew a lot coming in. I absolutely love that it was informative and science-based, and you allowed us to figure out how it would work in my classroom!” – Anonymous Teacher

Thanks to your generosity, we've facilitated collaboration across a diverse network of organizations. By combining our resources and expertise, we've magnified our impact, implementing larger initiatives, reaching more communities, and advocating for crucial support for monarch and pollinator conservation.

“MJV helps support our own efforts, including guiding a statewide collaborative for monarch conservation.” – Cait Williamson, Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin

MJV has given us a much broader network of resources both in and outside our outreach area.” – Terry, Pollinator Posse

With your support, we have advanced important research projects and collaborations to deepen our understanding of monarchs and their habitats. Research evidence is fundamental to shaping our conservation strategies. Your dedication to science-based conservation expands our knowledge and directs our conservation efforts toward impactful outcomes.

“Partnering with MJV to tag monarch butterflies was a departure from the usual, hunting-focused events that we typically participate in. But it turned out to be a huge success and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We were able to connect with over 40 community scientists on public land to learn about monarchs and contribute to the understanding of their incredible migration.” - Dericke Lavoine, Property Manager with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources

“MJV has helped provide a better understanding of the science for monarch habitat; expanded our outreach to growers and habitat on the ground.” – Josette Lewis, Almond Board of California

“I am very excited to have access to the data portal now-and I am having fun exploring the data more than I ever have in the past.” – Frances Owen – IMMP participant, regarding the new options to view and download your data.

As we move forward, we invite you to continue your support and help grow MJV efforts. Together, we can make a lasting difference and preserve the beauty and wonder of these incredible creatures for generations to come.

Once again, we express our sincere gratitude for your support. Thank you for making this important work possible!

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