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Science Coordinator Joins the MJV Team

Jan 19, 2016


  • MJV Partnership News

The Monarch Joint Venture is happy to expand our staff team and welcome Holly Holt as the MJV Science Coordinator! As the Science Coordinator, Holly will be working with MJV partners towards advancing scientific understanding of drivers behind monarch population declines, enacting landscape and other environmental changes that foster pollinator population growth and enhancing policy guidelines that promote conservation of this beautiful butterfly and other pollinator species.

After her first week, Holly reflects, “It’s great to be part of such a dynamic partnership and to have the opportunity to work with so many active organizations towards monarch conservation goals!  I’m looking forward to working with partners and building on the already strong science program here at the MJV.”

Holly comes from a background in pollinator health; she earned her PhD in 2015 at Penn State University studying two debilitating honey bee parasites. Prior to beginning her doctoral studies, Holly earned her bachelors degree in General Biology at Cornell University in 2007 and gained experience in human health policy working with the Orthopaedics and Arthritis Center for Outcomes Research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Holly’s in depth science background and experience with human systems will fit in well with the MJV’s vision to use science-based conservation to preserve the monarch migration through research, habitat creation, and education and outreach.

This is the newest position in the MJV core team, now consisting of the Program Coordinator, Communications Assistant and Science Coordinator. The MJV consists of nearly 40 partner organizations, which collaborate with MJV staff on various projects. The MJV core team provides the structure to keep this diverse partnership advancing and facilitates collaboration between wide-ranging monarch conservation efforts.

Program Coordinator Wendy Caldwell has been working with monarchs since 2007 (starting at U of MN Monarch Lab), and has been the MJV Coordinator for 3 years. Prior to the additions to the MJV team, Wendy wore many hats for the MJV. She continues to facilitate cooperation, coordination, action and MJV partnership growth, stating “It is exciting to be at the forefront of an international conservation movement surrounding an iconic species. I’m looking forward to what the MJV and partners have in store.”

Communications Assistant Cora Lund Preston joined the MJV team in 2015 as a 21st Century Conservation Corps member. Cora maintains MJV communications through a variety of ways including writing, managing social media and giving outreach presentations. She enjoys working with partners on a wide range of MJV projects and spreading the word about monarch conservation.

To get in touch with any of the MJV staff, you can find our contact information at


Header photo by Reba Batalden, Mexico 2007.