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#SaveMilkweedSaveMonarchs Planting Challenge

May 11, 2015


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Partners and Friends,

Monarchs need our help! In order for monarch caterpillars to grow into the beautiful orange and black butterflies we know and love, they need milkweed. And the adult butterflies need nectar plants. These plants can be in your backyard garden, your workplace, a park, natural area, or anywhere that you visit often. Our challenge, #SaveMilkweedSaveMonarchs, is to plant milkweed and other nectar sources far and wide to help boost declining monarch butterfly population numbers. Restoration can start in your backyard!

#SaveMilkweedSaveMonarchs Instructions:  

  • Once you have been challenged by friends or family, you have 5 days to challenge, or "tag", 5 people you know to #SaveMilkweedSaveMonarchs.  Tag the people you wish to challenge on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Simply copy and paste the italicized paragraph below to your page, share a photo or video, and tag any five people or groups to participate in this effort.
  • To meet the challenge, post a photo or video of yourself planting milkweed or nectar plants for monarchs to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you aren’t quite ready to plant, post a picture of your seeds or your site and follow up using the same hashtag when you have finished planting. You can use plants or seeds, as long as they are monarch-friendly (see for more information). Since appropriate timing will vary across the continent, challenge your friends right away, and then post your photo or video as soon as you are able. If you have already planted for the season, post a picture of you with your growing plants!
  • If you don’t have your own space to plant milkweed or nectar plants, or permission to plant somewhere else, consider supporting monarch conservation with a financial contribution to the Monarch Joint Venture, donating your time to another conservation organization, or becoming a citizen scientist.
  • Follow the MJV and our partners on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with monarch conservation nationally!
  • Register your habitat on the MJV Success Stories map.

Copy and paste this to your page:

In order to support monarch butterfly conservation, I have planted (or will be planting) milkweed or nectar plants to support monarchs this growing season. has great information about how to participate. I challenge the five people tagged in this post to help in this effort by planting monarch-friendly plants, tagging their five friends, or by donating to the Monarch Joint Venture. Include the information in this paragraph and the hashtag in your post! #SaveMilkweedSaveMonarchs

Help us launch this campaign! MJV is tagging you as a key person to help us launch the  #SaveMilkweedSaveMonarchs campaign. Please tag as many individuals as you can in your network. Our ultimate goal is broad scale planting of milkweeds and nectar plants, so if you have an audience that may not use social media, encourage them to participate as well. The contest rules will also be posted on, but all you need to do is copy and paste the paragraph indicated in italics above and start tagging others to participate. Your organization can tag all of your members, who can then tag 5 others, and the tagging and planting chain will grow. Our goal is to get as many people planting milkweed as possible! Important note: In addition to launching the campaign in your network, please consider promoting this campaign on your website, news, or other media outlets. 

You've been tagged!