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Outhouse Exhibit Services joins the MJV network!

Mar 15, 2023


  • MJV Partnership News

The MJV is thrilled to share that Outhouse Exhibit Services, Inc. has joined the partnership! Outhouse Exhibit Services creates one-of-a-kind museum exhibits with a focus on the natural world. Their traveling exhibitions program focuses largely on insects and arthropods with the goal of connecting visitors of all ages by creating inspiring learning spaces. Established in 2003, they work continuously to foster inquiry and empathy for the world at large by creating engaging experiences that draw from traditional and hands-on artisanal inspiration and blend it with the latest in technology and multimedia.

Outhouse Exhibit Services (OES) is currently creating a Monarchs and Milkweed traveling exhibit that will focus on the eastern and western monarch butterfly populations, exploring the complex relationship between milkweed and monarchs. OES finds value in collaborating with the MJV and the network to ensure their exhibit is scientifically accurate and current and to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing monarch butterfly population. OES is also committed to community science and hopes to lift up and engage MJV partner community science projects in each of the communities where the exhibit will be on display. The Monarchs and Milkweed traveling exhibit will begin in fall 2023, with its inaugural venue at the North Carolina Arboretum.

OES is committed to uplifting the MJV partner network and being a voice for monarchs and milkweed across the U.S. Their exhibit will be a wonderful opportunity to highlight scientifically accurate information to the general public in an engaging and accessible way. The MJV is excited to be a collaborator on this project, and the unique opportunity it presents to raise awareness for and inspire action for monarch butterflies. For more information about Outhouse Exhibit Services, Inc. please visit:

The Monarch Joint Venture is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and a national partnership of federal and state agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses and academic programs working together to conserve the monarch butterfly migration. The content in this article does not necessarily reflect the positions of all Monarch Joint Venture partners. Photo courtesy of Outhouse Exhibit Services, Inc.