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Lightsource bp Joins the MJV Network

Jun 10, 2024


  • MJV Partnership News

Welcome to the newest member of MJV’s partnership network, Lightsource bp! Lightsource bp is a global leader in the development and management of solar energy and energy storage. The company has a deep commitment to improving our environment by delivering renewable energy and maximizing the environmental sustainability and positive social impacts of each of its projects. They call this approach Responsible Solar.

In their own words, “Our dedication to a sustainable future goes beyond delivering safe, clean and affordable energy for all. As stewards of the land, we have developed a land management and biodiversity framework to support wildlife populations and habitat on our project sites. Through this framework, our solar farms become long-term homes for conservation, wildlife, agricultural opportunities and community benefits.”

Lightsource bp curates customized seed mixes and other vegetation so their solar farms can serve as safe, supportive homes for pollinators and other wildlife under their biodiversity framework. Beyond maintaining the area under solar panels as pollinator habitat, many of their sites have pollinator gardens and additional habitat surrounding the area, supporting their goal for a biodiversity net gain on every solar site.

Before officially joining the MJV’s network, Lightsource bp was already collaborating with a number of MJV partner organizations on pollinator habitat projects. They worked with The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund on a Solar Synergy project in Indiana and The Arkansas Conservation Partnership on monarch habitat projects in Arkansas. Next up, Lightsource bp is kicking off their partnership with Monarch Joint Venture by participating in and supporting the upcoming 2024 Miles for Monarchs campaign!

Learn more about Lightsource bp and their commitment to environmental stewardship at