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Hedgerow Farms Joins the MJV Partnership!

May 07, 2020


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We are excited to announce a partnership with Hedgerow Farms, which is based in California and serving a critical role in bringing plant materials to western population recovery efforts. They produce native plants and seeds of known genetic origin for use in restoration projects and monarch habitat creation. Hedgerow Farms regularly consults with resource agencies, non-profit organizations, consultants, landowners, restoration contractors and others on how to effectively enhance, restore and create monarch habitat.


Hedgerow farms is involved in many monarch habitat restoration projects, as well as outreach to the public. They are working on growing and increasing the availability of early season milkweed species which monarchs rely on soon after departing from western overwintering sites and developing effective methods to establish milkweed species at restoration sites.  They partner with organizations also working in the West, like the Xerces Society, on projects like their  “monarch kits” program which consist of milkweed and nectar plants for establishing small patches of monarch habitat. They are also partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund to help create monarch habitat along farm edges. They host an annual field day, where 150 attendees learn about habitat restoration including their work on how to effectively restore habitat for monarchs.


Hedgerow Farms has been an important partner in delivering needed conservation efforts to recovery efforts for the western population. Through broad outreach to conservation partners and the public, as well as collaboration on research and native plant production, Hedgerow farms is a natural partner in our efforts to conserve the monarch migration.  


For more information, visit their website at:


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