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Rain, Shine or Squirrels, Pacific Grove Counts Western Monarchs

Monarch Watch Conservation Specialist Candy Sarikonda shares her surprising experience participating in the Western Thanksgiving Count: rain, shine or squirrels, the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History team participates in citizen science for monarchs!  Read More »

Counting Western Monarchs

Candy Sarikonda, Monarch Watch Conservation Specialist, writes about her experience monitoring western monarchs at the Pacific Grove Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Find out what it's like to count monarchs and learn how you can get involved today!  Read More »

Happy Holidays from the Monarch Joint Venture!

For people, the holidays are a season of gathering, reflection and giving thanks. For monarchs, winter is also a time of gathering and waiting for the next journey that awaits them.  Read More »

Q&A about research related to tropical milkweed and monarch parasites

Researchers provide answers to recent questions that arose as a result of research regarding year-round tropical milkweed and its impact on monarch disease.  Read More »

Trans-Gulf Migration

More research is needed to determine the extent of monarchs crossing the Gulf of Mexico during migration. This article written by Candy Sarikonda describes some very interesting historic observations on this topic.  Read More »