Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration

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Iowa Partnership Unveils State Monarch Conservation Strategy

Iowa is an important state for monarch conservation, and their efforts provide a great statewide model for monarch conservation planning and implementation. They recently released Iowa’s state monarch conservation strategy, described here.  Read More »

Fostering Young Conservationists: Great Parks of Hamilton County and Rothenberg Preparatory Academy

Great Parks of Hamilton County is partnering with Rothernburg Preparatory Academy to inspire an interest in the natural world in their students, using monarchs and their rooftop garden.  Read More »

The Next Generation of Monarch Conservation: Creating FFA Monarch Gardens

In 2016, the MJV, Monarch Lab and USFWS' NCTC partnered with FFA chapters and other community partners to help create more habitat to support monarchs and other pollinators.  Read More »

Prairie Restorations & Monarch Butterflies

The need for monarch habitat restoration is great. But it's important to ensure habitat restoration is based on good understanding of how seeds in the ground translate to plants on the landscape. Find out how the UMN Monarch Lab is doing this research.  Read More »

To Save Monarchs, We Need More Than Milkweed

The message is out: Monarchs are in decline across North America. The national call to action has focused primarily on planting milkweeds, but monarchs need more than milkweed to support them throughout the year. Adult monarchs need nectar to fuel them!  Read More »