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Additional IMMP Resources

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Landowner Release of Liability Form & Information Disclosure

Biological data entered into the Integrated Monarch Monitoring Program may be shared with researchers upon request and approval from the Monarch Joint Venture. No personal information (e.g., names, contact information) is shared. If data are being collected and/or submitted by someone other than the landowner, the landowner must sign an agreement to grant the release of these data to the IMMP. Landowners have the option to mask the data to a broader space if they prefer. Additionally, IMMP participants monitoring property they do not own or manage must sign a release of liability. One form serves both functions below.


Plant Identification

We recommend using a plant field identification guide specific to your region to aid in monitoring. Listed below are some regional lists to guide you, but are in no way comprehensive of everything you might encounter in the field.

Monarch butterflies are known to nectar on a wide variety of plants. We recommend purchasing a plant field identification guide to help you identify plants while monitoring.

IMMP Publications & News Articles

Papers Using IMMP Data and/or Protocols: