Jardin de Polinizadores Sierra Hermosa

Submitted By
Manuel Vazquez-Navarro
Monarcas Laguna
Habitat Type
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Date Submitted
Sunday, April 24, 2016
Nectar Source Plants
Lantana sp.Duranta erectaAster sp.Passiflora sp.Ruelia sp.Tecoma stansAsclepias brachystephanaAsclepias curassavicaSalvia sp.Plumbago sp.
Habitat Management Practices
We try to provide an all year source of nectar for pollinators. We don´t use pesticides, we are always in search of local flowering species. We look for special species of plants related to some butterfly species. We have grown an Aristolochia species for have the cycle of Battus philenor; Passiflora for Dione moneta and Agraulis vanillae and Asclepias species for Queen and Monarch butterfly. In the garden we have also Ruta species and some Orange trees for Papilionidae.
Habitat Details
The owner of the garden (a Scientist Citizen, Carlos Cabral, a retired MD) asked for advice for a butterfly garden, so we began growing Asclepias and other flowering plants for registering Monarch butterfly, after of that we start with the idea of invite people in our region to do the same and we open a facebook page "Monarcas Laguna". In addition to butterflies, you can find at the "Sierra Hermosa" garden all type of bees and hummingbirds. As we are in the middle of a semidesert ecosystem, you also can see, rabbits and not usual birds like roadrunners and quails.
We began very excited growing A. curassavica, but we soon understood that is not a good idea to grow introduced plants, so we search for local Asclepias and we found A. brachystephana. We have less curassavica right now. We have success in growing nectar sources all the year, even when we have frost in winter time. All photos by Manuel Vázquez-Navarro

Habitat Photos