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What are some symptoms of diseased milkweed plants, and how do I treat plant disease?

We certainly aren't plant experts, but diseased plants is something that does come up on occasion. Some symptoms of diseased or unhealthy milkweed plants could include unusual spots on the leaves, misshapen or asymmetrical leaves or pods, or sometimes plants can appear wilted or weakened. These things can be caused by a number of different fungi or bacteria, but it is usually a good first step to look for tiny insects on the undersides of the leaves that may be eating the plant (not aphids). If these tiny thrips or mites are present on the undersides of the leaves, you can try to spray the undersides of the leaves with a strong dose of water. If you suspect a fungus or bacteria in your plants, you can try cutting back anything that looks diseased. If this doesn't work, consult with a local garden club or native plant nursery to see what they recommend. 

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