Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration

Expanding the Monarch Waystation Program

The Monarch Waystation Program, established in 2005 by Monarch Watch, engages citizens in science and habitat restoration by providing instruction and materials to create habitat for monarchs. Through this program, a broad range of municipalities, nature centers, zoos, businesses and individuals have registered over 6000 Monarch Waystations in 46 states, and many more have been created but are not registered. Expanding the Monarch Waystation Program throughout the United States, including the West, is one way to increase monarch habitat availability and to draw attention to the need to change the way habitats are managed for monarchs, pollinators and other wildlife.

To support this increased focus on the use of regionally-sourced native plants, and overall increase in demand for milkweeds, Monarch Watch has engaged native plant nurseries to increase the availability of milkweeds for use in pollinator gardens. They have developed and distributed outreach materials to encourage monarch conservation, including a new Bring Back the Monarchs poster and t-shirt.

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