Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration

Cuesta Kato Habitat Demonstration

Back to Natives Restoration, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, connects the community to habitat restoration through service learning and native plant education. Back to Natives (BTN) assists in the recovery of Orange County’s biodiversity. The Back to Natives Native Plant Reserve (Cuesta Kato), once restored, is slated to be a habitat demonstration site providing habitat for monarchs and other wildlife in Dana Point. The site is highly visible to the public and will serve as a habitat demonstration site to inspire others to create habitat, as well as a source of native milkweed and nectar seed for further restoration work. Throughout the restoration process, it will be monitored using citizen science, providing not only data to better understand monarch migration and breeding in the west, but also an exciting volunteer and service learning opportunity for the public.

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