Project Descriptions

The Monarch Joint Venture seeks to educate and empower its stakeholders to take an active role in protecting monarchs. Whether in the classroom or in the wild, we create meaningful opportunities for people of all backgrounds to contribute to our conservation efforts. Partners involved with the Monarch Joint Venture are engaged in a diverse set of activities that support monarch habitat conservation, maintenance and enhancement, education, and research and monitoring.

Ensuring the availability of quality habitat is critical for the conservation of any species. Today, monarchs in the U.S. are particularly vulnerable due to reduced abundance of milkweed and nectar plants in the landscape, and diminishing overwintering habitat in California. MJV partners are engaged in work focused on improving habitat availability and quality for both eastern and western monarch populations.

Please click on the categories below to read about the various projects MJV partners are engaged in. 

Habitat Conservation and Enhancement

On public and private lands, MJV partners are working with various landowners and land managers to restore monarch breeding and overwintering habitats. Monarch caterpillars need milkweed to grow and develop, and adults need nectar to give them energy and overwintering sites in which to rest. The MJV works to improve and maintain habitat for monarchs in each stage of their life cycle.  View Projects »

Milkweed Conservation

While monarchs have a growing number of supporters ready to plant milkweed to support monarch populations, it is difficult to find native milkweed plants and seeds in many parts of the United States. MJV Partners Monarch Watch, the Xerces Society, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service are working to increase both the supply of and demand for locally-sourced milkweed plants and seeds for gardens and larger restoration projects. Every milkweed planted can make a difference.  View Projects »

Research and Monitoring

Through scientific research and monitoring, we will be able to better understand North American monarch population trends, and the many factors influencing their decline. The MJV supports the expansion of monarch monitoring programs, data analyses to help understand monarch conservation issues, and research to inform and improve the success of habitat restoration efforts.  View Projects »

Education and Outreach

It is only through knowledge that people will come to love and protect creatures great and small. All MJV partners are working to share information about monarchs, their migration, and opportunities to monitor and protect them, with teachers, land managers, decision makers, and volunteers.  View Projects »

Western Monarchs

Monarchs to the west of the Rocky Mountains overwinter along the Pacific coastline of California and move inland in the spring to reproduce. Research, monitoring, and land management planning in this area are needed to sustain both breeding and overwintering habitats for the western monarch population.   View Projects »

Monarch Conservation Webinar Series

The Monarch Conservation Webinar series is a collaborative effort between Monarch Joint Venture Partners and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's National Conservation Training Center.   View Webinars »