Monarch Conservation Efforts Map

Monarch Conservation Efforts Map

People across North America are progressing monarch conservation every day! The Monarch Conservation Efforts Map helps users visualize what activities are happening across North America to benefit monarchs and their habitats, and to better connect people who are passionate about this issue. This project originated with a group called the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders, who helped to establish the efforts map and then transitioned it to the Monarch Joint Venture.

Each point on the map represents a different project or action, whether it’s a garden, research effort, or an educational monarch event. The map is interactive and allows users to zoom into an area, click on a point, and get more information about that conservation effort. From the Layers Tools located at the upper right-hand corner of the map, users can turn categories on/off or open up the Attribute Table to see information about all the activities in the map view in table form. The other two icons will allow users to change the basemap (Basemap Gallery) and close/open the Legend. 

This is a living map and we continue to collect information on projects and initiatives. If you or someone you know is involved in monarch conservation, please submit your effort! Submissions will be reviewed and added to the map on a regular basis. Habitat submissions will also be contributed to the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge.

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