Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration

MJV Projects: Research and Monitoring

Through scientific research and monitoring, we will be able to better understand North American monarch population trends, and the many factors influencing their decline. The MJV supports the expansion of monarch monitoring programs, data analyses to help understand monarch conservation issues, and research to inform and improve the success of habitat restoration efforts.

Analysis of Native vs. Non-native Trees in California Overwintering Sites

Do monarchs prefer non-native eucalyptus trees or native trees for overwintering? Monarch Alert and the Xerces Society have analyzed this question to inform overwintering site management.  Read More »

Analysis of Western Monarch Population Trends

Monarch Alert and the Xerces Society will work together to analyze Thanksgiving Count data to determine whether they are an accurate representation of the wintering monarch population in California.  Read More »

Assessment of Exotic Milkweeds and the Spread of Disease in Monarchs

Monarch Alert and Project Monarch Health are collaborating to assess the connection between exotic milkweeds and the spread of disease in monarchs.  Read More »

Developing Integrated Pest Management for Milkweed Seed Producers

Milkweed seed producers estimate they lose 25-50% of their milkweed crop yield to insects like aphids, beetles, and seed feeding bugs. The Xerces Society is developing and pioneering an Integrated Pest Management strategy to address this problem.  Read More »

Engaging Citizen Scientists in Monarch Conservation in Idaho

In 2016, Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) undertook a statewide survey of milkweeds and monarch natal habitats to better understand their distributions, habitat associations, and conservation threats.  Read More »

Engaging Commercial Nurseries to Meet Consumer Demand for Monarchs

The primary aim of this 2016-17 project is to enhance native milkweed and nectar plant availability by communicating with and providing information to nurseries.  Read More »

Engaging Wisconsinites in Monarch Conservation via Citizen Science

The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin (NRF) will hold three monarch-specific trainings in Wisconsin to unify and increase the number of monarch citizen scientists in the state.  Read More »

Expanding Participation in NABA Butterfly Counts

NABA is working to expand their Butterfly Counts programs to reach key locations where data are most needed to inform monarch and other butterfly population trends.  Read More »

Great Milkweed Grow Out Seed Amplification and Research

The Desert Botanical Garden is amplifying their milkweed seed production and propagation and will monitor research plots to gain a better understanding of milkweeds, monarchs, and other pollinators in the region.  Read More »

Invasive Swallow-wort Assessment and Control at Peninsula Point

Swallow-wort can serve as a sink for monarchs, as monarch eggs that are laid on this invasive species will not survive. MJV and partners are researching to find control methods.  Read More »

Midwest CRP Monitoring Project

The University of Minnesota Monarch Lab is looking to monitor restored prairies currently enrolled in CRP to help us tease out features of restorations that promote excellent monarch habitat.  Read More »

Milkweed, Nectar Plants and Monarchs in Prairie Restorations

The University of Minnesota Monarch Lab is leading a retrospective analysis of prairie areas across a variety of Midwestern landscapes to better inform future conservation efforts.  Read More »

Monarch and Habitat Monitoring Addressing Data Gaps

The Monarch Lab is receiving funding to support developer needs for the MLMP website and Monarch SOS mobile application.  Read More »

Monarch Citizen Science Training and Outreach

The Monarch Lab is engaging MJV partners and monarch citizen science programs to conduct citizen science training events in key locations across the U.S.  Read More »

Monarch Conservation Science Partnership Integrated Monitoring Strategy

The Integrated Monitoring Strategy is a program to monitor key monarch and habitat characteristics using spatially balanced sites across the monarch’s U.S. range. Citizen scientist volunteers are needed to implement the program!  Read More »

Monarch Larva Monitoring Project Online Training

Want to help monitor monarchs? We rely on citizen scientists to learn more about monarch biology and population trends. The Monarch Larva Monitoring Project has created an online training course to teach you how to find and monitor monarchs and milkweed.  Read More »

Monarch SOS Citizen Science App

Monarch SOS is a companion app for citizen scientists participating in monarch data collection programs. It can be used for species ID, and in the final phase of the app, even contributing data directly to various citizen science programs.  Read More »

Monarch Wings Across California

Monarch Wings Across California will support the western monarch migration through strategic habitat enhancements and novel research.  Read More »

Monarch Wings Across Ohio: Transforming Urban Areas

Pollinator Partnership is working to transformed degraded urban areas into monarch research gardens, resulting in monarch habitat restoration as well as ongoing training and research opportunities.  Read More »

Monarchs in a Changing World: Biology and Conservation of an Iconic Butterfly

Monarchs in a Changing World summarizes recent developments in research, highlights challenges and responses to threats to monarch conservation, and showcases the many ways that monarchs are used in citizen science programs, outreach, and education.  Read More »

Partnering to expand the accessibility of the MCSP Monitoring Strategy in the western US

The Monarch Conservation Science Partnership (MCSP), a collaborative of scientists and conservation professionals from academia, NGOs and federal and state agencies, has developed an Integrated Monitoring Strategy to track monarchs and their habitat.  Read More »

Promoting Citizen Science Monitoring of Monarchs and Milkweed in Texas

Texas is a critical driver of the health of the eastern monarch population. The Cibolo Nature Center in the Texas Hill Country is training volunteers to collect and report data on monarchs and milkweeds in this important state.  Read More »

Protecting and Monitoring California Overwintering Sites

The Xerces Society has identified and is closely monitoring current and historic monarch overwintering locations in California.  Read More »

Roadside Habitat for Monarchs

Monarch Joint Venture is leading a project with partners at Oklahoma State University, Environmental Incentives, and Xerces Society, Inc., to provide tools to help transportation managers provide monarch habitat in their roadside rights-of-ways.  Read More »

Sharing What We Know: Tri-national Data Exchange and Population and Monitoring Program Analyses

MonarchNet is a network of monarch monitoring programs with an online data storage structure that allows monarch scientists to access multiple data sets, facilitating greater and more complex analyses of monarch population trends and their drivers.  Read More »

Short Course in Southern California to Fill Key Data Gaps in the Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count

While participation in the WMTC overall has expanded in recent years with the national increase in attention to monarch butterflies and their plight, coverage of many sites in southern California has declined.  Read More »

Tracking the Migration: Tagging Data Entry, Verification and Analyses

Each year thousands of monarchs are tagged to help define factors influencing the migration. Monarch Watch is managing these data for future analyses.  Read More »

Understanding the Value of Waystations and Monarch Larva Monitoring Project Sites

How many monarchs does your garden grow? University of Minnesota researchers are using citizen science data to characterize the impact of Monarch Waystations on breeding monarchs and in the lives of the people who enjoy them.  Read More »