Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration

MJV Projects: Milkweed Conservation

While monarchs have a growing number of supporters ready to plant milkweed to support monarch populations, it is difficult to find native milkweed plants and seeds in many parts of the United States. MJV Partners Monarch Watch, the Xerces Society, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service are working to increase both the supply of and demand for locally-sourced milkweed plants and seeds for gardens and larger restoration projects. Every milkweed planted can make a difference.

“Bring Back the Monarchs” Native Milkweed Campaign and the Milkweed Market

Monarch Watch is working to broaden both the demand for and supply of regionally-sourced milkweed seed.  Read More »

Developing Integrated Pest Management for Milkweed Seed Producers

Milkweed seed producers estimate they lose 25-50% of their milkweed crop yield to insects like aphids, beetles, and seed feeding bugs. The Xerces Society is developing and pioneering an Integrated Pest Management strategy to address this problem.  Read More »

Documenting Known and Potential Monarch Breeding Areas in the Western U.S.

We know precisely where most western monarchs spend the winter, but little information is available regarding their whereabouts during the breeding season. The Xerces Society's online survey is gathering information about milkweed in the western U.S.  Read More »

Increasing Native Milkweed Seed Availability

The Xerces Society launched Project Milkweed with assistance from NRCS to increase native milkweed seed availability and education in priority areas.  Read More »

Mapping the Milkweed Marketplace

In order to make milkweed seed more available, the Tallgrass Prairie Center is assessing the current market for the seed and working with native seed producers to increase supply and demand.  Read More »

Monarch and Milkweed Habitat Restoration in Eastern Oklahoma

Monarch Watch is partnering with Native tribes in Oklahoma to restore milkweeds to large areas in the eastern part of the state, a region that is essential to monarch migration.  Read More »

Promoting the Planting of Native Milkweeds in the Central U.S.

To help counter the loss of monarch breeding habitat in the Central U.S., the Xerces Society and NRCS are providing technical guidance to help agency staff and landowners support monarchs through their conservation land management projects.  Read More »