Partner Memos

MJV Partner Memos contain important monarch conservation information for partner organizations. They are published as needed and sent out via email to partners as well as housed here. To propose an idea for a partner memo contact Wendy Caldwell.

Monarch Watch Milkweed Market Now Accepting 2018 Milkweed Orders

It is now time to pre-order 2018 milkweed plants through the Monarch Watch Milkweed Market.   Read More »

The MCSP’s Integrated Monitoring Strategy protocols are now available!

To improve knowledge and engagement in the Monarch Conservation Science Partnership's citizen science-based Integrated Monitoring Strategy (IMS), the MJV has made the IMS protocols available. We welcome partners to review and practice these protocols!  Read More »

Setting Targets for Milkweed Stem Density

A question that conservationists encounter when designing restoration projects is what native milkweed density and diversity will help monarchs most. There is limited scientific guidance available, but here we share some important information and tools.  Read More »