Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration


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The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources Partners for Monarchs

Monarch conservation requires all-hands-on-deck with involvement on all levels from individuals to large corporations and governmental agencies. The members of MJV’s newest partner, Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, parallel that approach.  Read More »

Thank you readers! Thoughts and reflections on MJV News Update survey responses

To learn more about where we should be focusing these updates, earlier this year we sent out a questionnaire to get your feedback. Our team reviewed the nearly 100 survey responses and shares here our reflections on the results.  Read More »

Citizen Science Brings Monarch Butterfly Parasitoids to Light

Citizen science discovers an “unprecedented view” of parasitoid presence in monarch larval ecology.  Read More »

The Monarch Monitoring Blitz Begins Tomorrow!

The blitz starts tomorrow! We’re calling all citizen scientists from the United-States, Canada and Mexico to report their observations for an international monarch monitoring blitz from July 29th - August 5th. Find out how you can participate here.  Read More »

New MJV Handout – “Risks of Neonicotinoid Use to Pollinators”

This new MJV handout delves into what neonics are, how they work and various paths the chemicals can take once applied. It also discusses the impacts neonics have on insects and other invertebrates, and offers potential solutions to the threats posed.  Read More »