Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration


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MonarchNet News - An E-Newsletter from the MJV

Welcome to the first edition of MonarchNet News, an E-newsletter dedicated to monarch and butterfly citizen science. Join us to explore the different butterfly citizen science projects across the country, and meet the volunteers who make it happen!  Read More »

MJV’s New Website Features and Resources

To inform monarch conservation efforts and engage citizens in monarch monitoring and conservation activities, MJV has created a number of new resources for you to utilize and share.  Read More »

2013-14 California Overwintering Population Numbers Released

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation released data illustrating the 2013-14 monarch overwintering population in California. While the western population is holding steady, it is still well below the peak seen in the 1990s.  Read More »

2013-14 Monarch Overwintering Population Numbers Released

WWF-Mexico hosted a press conference this morning to release the status of the 2013-2014 monarch overwintering population measured in central Mexico. The population has reached a record low, occupying only .67 hectares.  Read More »

Importance of Monarch Conservation

Monarchs are a gateway for the conservation of our natural world. Conserving monarchs has many benefits not only for monarchs, but also other wildlife and humankind.  Read More »