Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration


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Arlington National Cemetery—A Place of Peace and Pollinators

The hallowed ground of Arlington National Cemetery is deeply respected and cherished by many Americans. This beloved place has a committment to sustainable landscaping: to create landscapes that support local wildlife such as insects and birds.  Read More »

Estimating the Number of Overwintering Monarchs in Mexico

Every year we anxiously await news of the monarch overwintering population count from Mexico. When are they done and how are the monarchs counted?  Read More »

Partnering for Monarch Conservation: the MJV 2017 Annual Partnership Meeting

This November, Monarch Joint Venture partner organizations came together at the University of Texas at San Antonio for two days of learning, planning for the next year of monarch conservation, and partnership building.  Read More »

New MJV Partner Aerulean Plant Identification Systems, Inc. provides tools to help choose plants

By creating an innovative software, MJV's new partner, the Aerulean Plant Identification Systems, Inc., aims to provide gardeners with the tools they need to contribute to monarch conservation.  Read More »

Give the Gift of Conservation with Monarch Holiday Items!

Just in time for the holidays, the MJV has new items for you to get the perfect gifts this season and support monarchs!  Read More »