Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration


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The Nature Conservancy Joins MJV’s Conservation Efforts

“To enlist the support of a world renowned conservation organization whose work spans the globe is a big step forward for monarch conservation!” Says Wendy Caldwell, MJV Coordinator, “We're excited to bring the Conservancy into the [MJV Partnership]".  Read More »

Eastern Monarch Overwintering Population Numbers Announced

The monitoring report of the forest area occupied by monarch butterflies in 2017-2018, carried out by WWF and CONANP, registered 2.48 hectares of occupied forests, an area that represents a decrease of 14.77 percent from last year.  Read More »

Seed A Legacy: New Pollinator Habitat Program Launches in 11 Midwest States

Midwest landowners who want to help honey bees and monarch butterflies have a unique opportunity through The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund’s SEED A LEGACY Pollinator Habitat Program.  Read More »

New tool connects people with monarch conservation projects across the country!

The Monarch Conservation Efforts Map helps users visualize what activities are happening across North America to benefit monarchs and their habitats, and to better connect people who are passionate about this issue.  Read More »

Announcing the 2018 Monarch Conservation Webinar Series!

Join us for the 2018 Monarch Conservation Webinar Series! On the 4th Tuesday of each month, we will dive into a new monarch conservation topic with expertise and experience from the MJV partnership and other organizations. Hosted by USFWS NCTC and the MJV.  Read More »