Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration


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Field Notes: State of Mexico, Mexico, January 28-February 1, 2019

"Meeting the people from three countries who work to understand and protect these beautiful insects reminds me of our responsibilities as continental citizens, and I am reminded of the profound significance of nature in our lives."  Read More »

Eastern Monarch Population Numbers Increase 144% from last year

Largest eastern monarch population since 2007 announced today.  Read More »

The 2019 Monarch Conservation Webinar Series

We are excited to announce the topics for the 2019 Monarch Conservation Webinar Series!  Read More »

Record Low Number of Overwintering Monarch Butterflies in California - They Need Your Help!

The population of monarch butterflies overwintering in California has fallen to the lowest level ever recorded.  Read More »

Earth Challenge 2020: ask your monarch questions!

The Earth Day Initiative wants to know what research topics are important to YOU! Through Dec. 15, they are accepting suggestions for a major citizen science initiative they will unveil on Earth Day 2020.  Read More »