News: Population Trends

Western Monarch Count Reports More Monarchs than 2015, but Numbers Remain Low

The 2016 Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count population survey has reported 298,464 western overwintering monarchs from 253 monitored overwintering sites across the California coast.   Read More »

New Publication Reveals Birthplaces of Eastern Monarchs

A recently published study (Flockhart et al. 2017) builds on previous work describing the natal origin of eastern overwintering monarchs, and has new implications for monarch conservation.  Read More »

Road Tripping for Monarchs in Utah and New Mexico

There are blank pages in the monarch butterfly book in the western United States. This summer the Southwest Monarch Study, with support from the Monarch Joint Venture, has been working to fill them.  Read More »

New Horizons for Monarchs and Agriculture

Habitat loss in the agricultural Midwest is a major reason for the striking decline in the eastern monarch butterfly population. However, current projects and new research show opportunities for agricultural producers to restore habitat for monarchs.  Read More »

Where are the Monarchs?

This article from the University of Minnesota Monarch Lab answers a persistent question this summer, why haven't people been seeing many monarchs this year?   Read More »