Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration

News: Citizen Science

Revised Handout - Raising Monarchs: Why or Why Not?

The MJV has revised and retitled our existing Rearing Monarchs Responsibly handout to reflect additional information about raising monarchs; it is now Raising Monarchs: Why or Why Not?.  Read More »

Join the 2018 International Monarch Monitoring Blitz to help save the monarch butterfly

From July 28 to August 5, 2018, citizens from Canada, the United States and Mexico are invited to participate in the second International Monarch Monitoring Blitz to help identify the monarch butterfly's breeding sites.  Read More »

Happy Citizen Science Day!

Today, April 14th, is the third annual Citizen Science Day! We’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on some of the amazing monarch citizen science projects by Monarch Joint Venture partners and why citizen science is important.  Read More »

A 10,000 Foot View of Monarch Conservation

Monarch conservation has a rich history of science, discovery, and partnerships that has led us to today. As monarchs continue to face complex challenges in our changing landscape, it is important to understand where we’ve been and where we are headed.  Read More »

Citizen Science Brings Monarch Butterfly Parasitoids to Light

Citizen science discovers an “unprecedented view” of parasitoid presence in monarch larval ecology.  Read More »