Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration

News: Citizen Science

Citizen Science Brings Monarch Butterfly Parasitoids to Light

Citizen science discovers an “unprecedented view” of parasitoid presence in monarch larval ecology.  Read More »

The Monarch Monitoring Blitz Begins Tomorrow!

The blitz starts tomorrow! We’re calling all citizen scientists from the United-States, Canada and Mexico to report their observations for an international monarch monitoring blitz from July 29th - August 5th. Find out how you can participate here.  Read More »

Help Wanted: Contribute to the Monarch Monitoring Blitz!

Grab your hats, sunscreen and clipboards and join fellow citizen scientists for some fresh air and an international monarch monitoring blitz from July 29-August 5th! Read more to find out how to participate.  Read More »

Rain, Shine or Squirrels, Pacific Grove Counts Western Monarchs

Monarch Watch Conservation Specialist Candy Sarikonda shares her surprising experience participating in the Western Thanksgiving Count: rain, shine or squirrels, the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History team participates in citizen science for monarchs!  Read More »

Road Tripping for Monarchs in Utah and New Mexico

There are blank pages in the monarch butterfly book in the western United States. This summer the Southwest Monarch Study, with support from the Monarch Joint Venture, has been working to fill them.  Read More »