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Integrated Monarch Monitoring Project Trainings

Citizen scientists provide valuable data to monarch conservation through the Integrated Monarch Monitoring Program (IMMP), and many other programs. To learn about how to count monarchs and carefully describe their habitats with IMMP, please consider attending one of our 2018 training sessions. Find more information about the program and the training sessions here.

Monarch Conservation Webinar Series

Join us for the 2018 Monarch Conservation Webinar Series, hosted by the Monarch Joint Venture and the USFWS National Conservation Training Center! On the 4th Tuesday of each month, we will dive into a new monarch conservation topic with expertise and experience from the MJV partnership and other organizations. Click on the title of a webinar to register!  Webinar titles may be updated and additional presenters may be added to a webinar as the event approaches. More information and a description of each webinar will be available on our events page approximately one month before the webinar date, or earlier. If you register early you will receive email updates on the webinars you have signed up for as information becomes available, so register today!

  • Title: On the Wings of Monarchs: A 10,000 foot view of species conservation
    Date: Tuesday, 2/27/2018, 2 PM Eastern Time
    Presenter: Wendy Caldwell, Monarch Joint Venture Coordinator
    Description: COMPLETED. Visit our page of archived webinars for a recording of this webinar and to watch other previous webinars.
  • Title: Success Stories in Engaging the Agricultural Community in State Monarch Conservation Planning
    Date: Tuesday 3/27/2018, 2 PM Eastern Time
    Presenters: Facilitated by the Keystone Monarch Collaborative. Steve Bradbury, Iowa State University. Wayne Fredericks, Iowa Soybean Association. Aimee Hood, Monsanto. Karen Kinkead, Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Susan Kozak, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. Brent Vandeloecht, Missouri Department of Conservation.
    Description: COMPLETED. Check our page of archived webinars for a recording of this webinar and to watch other previous webinars.

  • Title: Understanding the Endangered Species Act
    Date: Tuesday 4/24/2018, 2 PM Eastern Time
    Presenter: Karen Anderson, ​USFWS Biologist
    Description: COMPLETED. Check our page of archived webinars for a recording of this webinar and to watch other previous webinars

  • Title: The Power of Volunteers in Monarch Conservation
    Date: Tuesday, 5/22/2018, 2 PM Eastern Time
    Presenter: Rich Dolesh, National Recreation and Park Association Vice-President for Strategic Initiatives
    Description: COMPLETED. Check our page of archived webinars for a recording of this webinar and to watch other previous webinars

  • Title: Milkweed Seed Collection
    Date: Tuesday 6/26/2018, 2 PM Eastern Time
    Presenters: Hal Mann, President, Wild Ones Oak Openings Region Chapter. Bob Huffman, Seed Manager, Prairie Restorations Inc. Angie Babbit, Communications Coordinator, Monarch Watch. Dena Podrebarac, Milkweed Grant Coordinator, Monarch Watch.
    Description: Monarchs need milkweed! Collecting native milkweed seed is a cost-effective way to get local ecotype seeds for use in restoration projects. In this webinar, you’ll get an overview of milkweed seed collection, including a primer on native plants, tips and tricks for harvesting, storing and growing milkweed seed, and how you can participate in the Monarch Watch Milkweed Market to contribute to milkweed planting on a large scale. If you want to learn about how begin or improve your milkweed seed collection efforts, this is the webinar for you!

  • Title: Meadow Establishment in the East
    Date: Tuesday 7/24/2018, 2 PM Eastern Time
    Presenters: Larry Weaner, Larry Weaner Landscape Associates Founder & Principal. Ann Aldrich, Dumbarton Oaks Park Conservancy, past Restoration Director.
    Description:  This webinar will discuss establishing and maintaining native meadows in the eastern US. There is a growing movement in the eastern US to convert lawn to meadows, even small backyard plots, for pollinator and wildlife habitat. There are many methods to accomplish the conversion. Both methods and meadow maintenance needs will be discussed. Larry Weaner, author of Garden Revolution: How Our Landscapes Can Be A Source of Environmental Change with Thomas Christopher (Timber Press 2016) and renowned meadow designer, will provide an overview of the broad topic of meadow development. He will cover various methods and considerations in establishing meadows. Larry will talk about establishment challenges, ecological considerations and maintenance needs for successful self-sustaining meadows with examples from his award winning designs. Ann Aldrich, past Restoration Director for Dumbarton Oaks Park Conservancy, worked with Larry to restore the meadows in Dumbarton Oaks Park. Ann will share the work The Monarch Alliance is doing at Fort Frederick State Park southwest of Hagerstown, Maryland to move several meadows from warm season grasses mixed with European cool season grasses and invasive plants to a self-sustaining native meadow through mowing and inter-planting.

  • Title: Getting Monarchs into Business: Case studies of monarch conservation
    Date: Tuesday, August 28th, 2018. 2 PM Eastern Time
    Presenters: Iris Caldwell, Energy Resources Center and Thelma Redick, Wildlife Habitat Council.
    Description: Coming soon!

  • Title: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Monarch predators and disease
    Date: Tuesday September 25th, 2018. 2 PM Eastern Time
    Presenter: Dr. Sonia Altizer, Project Monarch Health, University of Georgia.
    Description: Coming soon!

  • Title: "5th Generation" Monarchs: What do we know and not know?
    Date: Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018. 2 PM Eastern Time
    Presenter: Dr. Kristen Baum, Oklahoma State University
    Description: Coming soon!

  • Title: Where are the Monarchs and Milkweeds? Crowd-sourcing, modeling, and surveying across the West
    Date: Tuesday, November 27th, 2018. 2 PM Eastern Time
    Presenters: Emma Pelton, Conservation Biologist and Candace Fallon, Senior Conservation Biologist, the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation
    Description: Coming soon!

MJV/MAFWA Conservation Partners Meeting

This meeting will take place in Nebraska November 28th and 29th and will combine the MJV Annual Partnership Meeting with the MAFWA Mid-America partner and stakeholder conference. MJV partner organizations are invited to attend. Please contact Cora for more information.

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