Corporate and Foundation Giving

Corporate and Foundation Giving

We accept sponsorship and donations from entities of all sizes whose missions align with our work. To make a donation, you can download our sponsor form and return it to us, or donate online via the University of Minnesota Foundation. If you would like more information about Monarch Joint Venture sponsorship opportunities, please contact Wendy Caldwell, MJV Program Coordinator, to discuss options for your organization.

Download Sponsor Form

Review MJV’s sponsorship policy, as written in our bylaws.

Sponsorship Policy:

  • The MJV pursues financial sponsorship from entities that do not detract from our mission, credibility, goals or objectives. MJV will not accept sponsorship from entities that are involved in activities which have direct negative impacts to monarchs, as supported by scientific evidence. With review and majority vote approval by our Steering Committee, MJV will accept offers of financial support from entities interested in furthering monarch conservation efforts as long as they meet the above criteria. In some cases, we may have to respectfully decline when these criteria are not met.
  • Sponsors who give $1000 or more will be acknowledged on our website on an annual basis.
  • As a matter of policy, MJV does not endorse sponsors or their products or services. None of the MJV’s donations represent an explicit or implied endorsement, and our sponsors are asked not to express or imply an endorsement by the Monarch Joint Venture.
  • We do not sell, loan, or distribute our mailing list (including e-mail addresses) to anyone.