Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration



Your financial contribution will further the conservation work that we are able to do to protect monarchs and their migration. As a partnership focused on implementing a rigorous conservation plan, we bring all of our varied strengths, tools, and land management opportunities to the table in a coordinated manner. We leverage partnerships to make careful and strategic decisions about which next-steps would best advance monarch conservation in the U.S., and allocate our energies and funds accordingly.

Donate Now

The national MJV partnership is based at the University of Minnesota. To support the work of the MJV through an online donation, you will be directed to the University of Minnesota Foundation’s donation page. This link will take you to the University's online donation form, pre-filled with the information for our account, the Monarch Conservation and Education Fund. Check the optional box to specify that you would like to add special instructions, and enter “Monarch Joint Venture” in the text box that will appear, in addition to any other comments you have about your donation.

There are alternative ways to donate to the MJV through the University of Minnesota as well. Please see the pages below to find the best option for you.

All funds contributed will directly benefit monarch conservation efforts through the Monarch Joint Venture. Please see our projects page or feel free to contact us for more information about the work that we do.

Thank you for your generosity!

Information provided about giving opportunities is adapted from the University of Minnesota Foundation’s Ways to Give pages. Information on this website is not intended as legal or tax advice. For information on how any gift may affect your tax situation, please consult with your own professional advisor.