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Meet Our Staff

Sierra Teemsma

Field Technician, Monarch Butterfly Habitat Monitoring
Working with Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Biologists, Sierra is part of a team effort monitoring Monarch butterfly habitat throughout the state of California on BLM land. Using Integrated Monarch Monitoring Protocols (IMMP), she works to contribute to a larger database focused on the conservation of this species. With a range of experience in field biology, Sierra has developed a passion for contributing to the scientific understanding and conservation of nature. Her experience includes surveying threatened species of insects and lizards, cataloging museum collections, collaborating on new species descriptions, bee wrangling, applied Navy medical entomology, and hands-on geochemical soil ecology. Sierra’s work allows her to combine her love of insects while making a lasting impact in the field of entomology. Curiosity drives her passion in these efforts of conservation of the natural world and wildlife management. In her free time, Sierra can be found lounging by a river’s edge, making pottery at the ceramics studio, snacking in the garden, or birdwatching with friends.