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Meet Our Staff

Misty Boos

Program Director
Misty is part of the Monarch Joint Venture leadership team. She supports the habitat and science program staff and the overall strategy for the organization. She completed her B.S. in Sociology at Southern Oregon University, where she also worked in forest restoration with both AmeriCorps and the Lomakatsi Restoration Project. While obtaining her master’s in Environmental Planning at the University of Tasmania, Misty became passionate about protecting habitat connectivity and wildlife movement corridors. She spent the last decade serving as Executive Director of Wild Virginia and as a leader of the Virginia Safe Wildlife Corridors Collaborative. She also spearheaded an effort to pass legislation to create a Wildlife Corridor Action Plan for Virginia. In the summer, Misty can be found working in her native plant garden with her terrier, Attila. In the winter, both she and Attila can be found wishing it was summer.