Ron Grant Memorial Fund

Ron Grant Memorial Fund

$14,000 Raised!

Professionally, Ron Grant was a brilliant composer, but he also shared his passion for monarch butterflies with everyone who would listen. Ron's love for butterflies began when he was a boy, but became even more meaningful when he and his wife, Benida, moved into their home in Brentwood in 1972. Their backyard is a redwood grove and every fall migrating monarchs would stop there for a few months. In recent years, the number of monarchs visiting the Grant home diminished drastically. This was a source of heartbreak and concern for Ron.

The Ron Grant Memorial Fund was established to honor Ron's memory and his passion for butterflies. Now the fund is an ongoing tribute supporting monarch conservation and education efforts through the Monarch Joint Venture. Saving butterflies meant the world to Ron and your continued contributions to this fund support the vital work being done to preserve this beautiful species. Contributions are used to support a nationwide effort to protect monarchs and their beautiful migration that meant so much to Ron. The memorial fund has moved, so please contribute additional gifts in honor of Ron using the button below! 

Monarch butterflies have experienced steep decline in recent decades. Only if these charismatic insects have adequate habitat to survive will our children and grandchildren and generations to come have the opportunity to build their own memories of this amazing orange and black butterfly. The Monarch Joint Venture (MJV) is a national conservation partnership working to conserve and protect monarch butterflies throughout the U.S. With partners nationwide working together on this important conservation issue, the MJV plays a vital role in coordinating conservation, research, monitoring, and education projects to ensure our overall efforts to support monarchs and other pollinators will be worthwhile.

Each year, MJV program funds are raised to help our partners move priority conservation actions forward. Contributions to the Ron Grant Memorial Fund have supported conservation projects across the country and have helped more monarchs take flight! Please help keep this vital work and Ron's memory alive! Thank you!  

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For more information on monarch conservation efforts, please visit the Monarch Joint Venture website at, or reach out to the MJV Coordinator by email (



The Biers/Radlauer Family
May the Monarchs continue to affirm the beauty of our world - a fitting memorial to our dear friend Ron.
Erin Engman
What a wonderful tribute to Ron.
Alec Bigelson
Ralph & Caroline Grierson
Thanks for a beautiful memorial service.
Fly free forever! Love Shelley Fisher
Geri-Ann & Don
We miss you, Ron! May your spirit be flying free with the butterflies.
Ellen Prell
Dana Huff
We are all better for having known him. And Monarchs too.
Marley, Ziggy, Buddy And Pepi
We will always love you and miss you......
Barbara Goodhill
Ron was a bright light in my life. A loving friend. His love for butterflies was one of many ways he embraced life and I will never look at a butterfly without thinking of Ron!
Marylin Krell
South Brentwood will miss Ron and his contributions to our community. Happy to contribute to a cause so dear to him. Our website has his video of the monarchs in his backyard at:
Elyse Arbour
Ron will certainly be missed in the neighborhood. Thank you for all that you have done for South Brentwood Residence Assn. I hope that you are surrounded by hundreds of butterflies right now.
South Brentwood Resident's Association
Nicole & Ari Bayme
We will miss you so much but every time we a butterfly crosses our path we will remember all the beauty you left this world...
Ron And Kathy Folsom
We always enjoyed his enthusiasm and joy!
Ben And Winnie Chaffey
A beautiful man taken from to soon from those that loved him
Sandeep Parikh & Hannah Johnso
What a beautiful way to honor such an inspiring man!
Jim Mindling
In memory of a warm, loving and special Dad and husband, not to mention composer, zany, great sense of humor, and just a very nice person etc etc.
Mark & Mona
Our Beloved Ron.
Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency
James DiPasquale
Marcy Vaj
As beautiful a spirit as the monarch. Thank you for the wonderful memorial.
The Kessey's
Perhaps this will help a little to realize Ron's dream.
Cheryl And Dan Foliart
Ron will forever be in our hearts. A monarch flew by today.
Betina Loudermilk
Thank you Ron for sharing your love of butterflies with me. It will be remembered always.
Tery Arnold
" that fly and all but sing" ....Ron, remembering fondly the song of your spirited and musical life!