Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration

MJV Projects: Western Monarchs

Monarchs to the west of the Rocky Mountains overwinter along the Pacific coastline of California and move inland in the spring to reproduce. Research, monitoring, and land management planning in this area are needed to sustain both breeding and overwintering habitats for the western monarch population.

Analysis of Native vs. Non-native Trees in California Overwintering Sites

Do monarchs prefer non-native eucalyptus trees or native trees for overwintering? Monarch Alert and the Xerces Society have analyzed this question to inform overwintering site management.  Read More »

Analysis of Western Monarch Population Trends

Monarch Alert and the Xerces Society will work together to analyze Thanksgiving Count data to determine whether they are an accurate representation of the wintering monarch population in California.  Read More »

Assessment of Exotic Milkweeds and the Spread of Disease in Monarchs

Monarch Alert and Project Monarch Health are collaborating to assess the connection between exotic milkweeds and the spread of disease in monarchs.  Read More »

Documenting Known and Potential Monarch Breeding Areas in the Western U.S.

We know precisely where most western monarchs spend the winter, but little information is available regarding their whereabouts during the breeding season. The Xerces Society's online survey is gathering information about milkweed in the western U.S.  Read More »

Overwintering Habitat Management Plans for Los Padres National Forest and Monarch Sanctuary Grove

The Xerces Society is exploring new and monitoring existing sites in California's Los Padres National Forest and Monarch Sanctuary Grove and has developed land management plans for the sites to ensure they remain suitable habitats for monarchs.  Read More »

Protecting and Monitoring California Overwintering Sites

The Xerces Society has identified and is closely monitoring current and historic monarch overwintering locations in California.  Read More »

Regional Monarch Nectar Plant Lists

The Xerces Society is developing regional nectar plants lists to provide a comprehensive, regional guide to plants that are highly attractive to monarchs, bloom at the times when monarchs need them, locally appropriate, commercially available, and hardy.  Read More »

Review of Laws and Policies Regarding Overwintering Sites

With a dizzying patchwork of regulations regarding monarch overwtinering habitat, Xerces and Lewis and Clark Law School's International Environmental Law Project are aggregating all relevant policies and distilling them into an accessible overview.  Read More »

Workshops for Overwintering Site Land Managers and Citizen Science Monitors

Xerces aims to educate overwintering site land managers and citizen scientists to help protect and enhance monarch overwintering sites in California.  Read More »