Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration


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Iowa Partnership Unveils State Monarch Conservation Strategy

Iowa is an important state for monarch conservation, and their efforts provide a great statewide model for monarch conservation planning and implementation. They recently released Iowa’s state monarch conservation strategy, described here.  Read More »

Fostering Young Conservationists: Great Parks of Hamilton County and Rothenberg Preparatory Academy

Great Parks of Hamilton County is partnering with Rothernburg Preparatory Academy to inspire an interest in the natural world in their students, using monarchs and their rooftop garden.  Read More »

Eastern Monarch Population Numbers Drop 27%

This year’s measurement of the eastern monarch overwintering population showed a 27% decrease compared to last year, occupying 2.91 hectares of forest in Mexico’s transvolcanic mountains during the winter of 2016-17.  Read More »

Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin Becomes a Monarch Joint Venture Partner

The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin is partnering with the Monarch Joint Venture to support efforts to save the monarch migration.  Read More »

Western Monarch Count Reports More Monarchs than 2015, but Numbers Remain Low

The 2016 Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count population survey has reported 298,464 western overwintering monarchs from 253 monitored overwintering sites across the California coast.  Read More »