Partnering to conserve the monarch butterfly migration


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Monarch Joint Venture Welcomes Bee City USA

The MJV welcomes Bee City USA into our partnership of organizations working together to protect monarchs and the pollinators that share their habitat.  Read More »

Monarchs Spring into Northward Migration

The long awaited monarch migration has begun! Monarchs streamed out of their overwintering grounds in Mexico en masse last week, signaling the start of spring and a new growing season of milkweed and monarchs.  Read More »

Minnesota Native Landscapes for Pollinators!

As a new MJV partner, MNL’s work inherently supports pollinator conservation, including the monarch, through planting and maintaining habitat, but also in supplying seeds and plant materials required for these habitat projects to take shape.  Read More »

Can roadside habitat lead monarchs on a route to recovery?

With monarch populations declining in large part due to habitat loss, monarch habitat is needed across all landscapes. In addition to restored prairies, pollinator gardens, and urban park habitat, roadsides provide potential for habitat restoration.  Read More »